Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Challenge 7 for Papercraft Junkies

This weeks challenge for PCJ's is "Did I mention Dimension" which has been set by Ratty Tatty aka Tracey Dean.

Here are my Design Team contributions.

The blue card is made using the Ultimate Crafty Companion and a stamp set by Woodware.

The red and black card was made using a Zig-Zag template by WS Designs and stamps by Crafty Individuals.

I'd actually seen this card design on the Crafty Individuals gallery a while ago and really wanted to make one like it. When this challenge came up I thought "That's the card I need to make!" So I tried and I tried but I couldn't get the dimensions right on it. In the end I emailed Crafty Individuals and asked them if they could tell me how they made it. It turns out that the lady who designed it (also called Fiona) wasn't there to ask at that time but she was going to be coming over on Thursday because she was going to help on their stall at the Papercraft Extravaganza in Harrogate that weekend. I think with getting ready for the show and everything the lady at Crafty Individuals forgot to get back to me so I found their stall at the Papercraft Extravaganza on Saturday and introduced myself to Fiona and asked about the card. She told me it was done using the WS Designs Zig-Zag template and as it turns out there was a stall there selling them. I rushed off to buy one.

When we got back from Harrogate I made the red and black card, rather quickly, so that I could get it in for the challenge before the deadline ended. I also sent a copy to Crafty Individuals so they could see my version of Fiona's card and guess what?.....

....They liked it and have asked if they can put it in their gallery. I'm chuffed to bits. It's not on there yet but I'm going to keep an eye out for it appearing. How fab is that!!


ScrapMomOf2 said...

Very good news! I like both cards, especially the red and black one!

I've tagged you on my blog . . . stop by to check it out!

Maria said...

Awesome cards! The black, white, red card is stunning. I saw this project in a book I recently bought. I thought it was such a fabulous idea. You did a wonderful job with your card!!


malieta said...

Congrats on the good news FeFe!! Your card is absolutely stunning, the red,white and black are beautiful together!