Thursday, 20 December 2007

Retirement Card

This is the card I have made for Josh's one to one. She retires tomorrow after being Josh's one to one for the past two and a half years. We've also bought her a huge bunch of flowers and a bottle of Champagne and of course the mini book. I'm so emotional I just know I'm going to end up in floods of tears tomorrow. She's a wonderful person and we will all miss her very much.


Shh-Shh said...

I dont think you will be the only one in floods of tears...I think Mrs Faux will be there with you on that score!! I have no doubt that she will be keeping in touch.
Having met this very generous, humble, gorgeous lady,and seen her with Josh, her patience her kindness her gentle manner...I know that she is going to be sorely missed. x.x.x.x.x.x.x

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Oh, just go ahead and let the flood flow! It's so hard to have to leave behind someone that means so much to you and your son! I'm sure she'll be missing you and Josh too! Take care!!

malieta said...

Oh Fe-Fe, you making me get all weepy.....I love your card!!!!