Sunday, 10 February 2008

Guest Designer - Ellie (aged 4)

I know you were all wondering what had happened to Ellie's card when I posted about the two of us colouring in the Sugar Nellie's together the other weekend. Well the answer is we hadn't actually got around to turning hers into cards, she'd only done the painting part. So we decided to finish it off after breakfast this morning.
Ellie had a card blank with hearts printed on it in one of her card kits that she got for Christmas, she stuck the hearts and flowers paper in the middle with her "Bedtime Maggie" Sugar Nellie stamp on top of that. Then she coloured in all the hearts with pink felt tip. She decided it was going to be a Valentine's Day card for daddy so she wrote "I love you daddy" "love Ellie" in it. However she couldn't wait until Valentine's Day to give it to him so she gave it to him when he got up instead! :-)


Shh-Shh said...

A BIG WOW.... such a clever and talented little girl, following in her very talented mummys footsteps.
lots of love

Ana Baird said...

It's gorgeous! Congratulations to your littler girl!

My Paper World said...

Too cute! Ellie did a fab job colouring those hearts! xx

Cazzy said...

Well done Ellie, lovely card!

I have added your blog link to mine Fe, I thought I already had!

Cazzy xx

Dee said...

It was certainly worth waiting for, bet Ellie is as proud of punch seeing her card on your blog and I'm sure Patrick is thrilled to bits to receive the Valentine.

Well done Ellie :-)

lots of love from Grandma XXXXX

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Ellie, this is wonderful! What a fantastic Valentine you made for your dad! He's one lucky Daddy!!

Maria said...

Wow, Ellie is an artist in the making! Beautiful card! Everything about it is so cute!


Jenn said...

SOOOOOOO Cute Fefe !!!!