Thursday, 7 February 2008


Sorry I haven't been around for ages. I've been feeling sorry for myself for the past week but I think I'm over it now!!

It started because I'd spent ages making Valentine's Day and Mother's Day cards to take up to the Flower Shop that sell my cards only when I got up there they decided to tell me that my cards were all out the back as they'd decided not to sell them any more.

I think what upset me the most was that they had my phone number and didn't even have to curtesy to phone me and let me know before I made a lot of specific cards for them that I'm not going to be able to use myself. It was obvious they'd been out the back for quite some time and it wasn't a decision they'd made recently so why couldn't they have let me know? In a way it's my own fault as I've not been up for ages but with the run up to Christmas and everything I just haven't had time.

I was really down about it all last week and I lost my creative mojo for a while so I've decided to cut back on card making and just make cards for my family and friends and any commisioned cards I get asked to do and instead I'm going to concentrate my efforts on scrapbooking our family photos and doing ATC swaps instead.

So I thought as I'd shared a photo of Ellie doing art with me in the kitchen I'd share this photo of Josh helping me in the garden last week. I was taking out my frustrations on the weeds when Josh poked his head out of the door and said he was missing me. I suggested he put his shoes on and come to play outside and keep me company and I nearly fainted when 2 minutes later he did just that, but he didn't want to play he wanted to help! So I dug and raked the weeds and leaves into a pile and then he put the pile in the wheelbarrow and when it was full he wheeled it the the green bin and threw it all in. We had great fun and it was lovely to spend so much time together. Isn't he a sweetie!

This is the first of many layouts I'm going to be doing. It was actually for a challenge on an American forum. The challenge was to use the title of a love song as the theme for your layout. I chose "Love to Love You Baby"

The papers I've used for this are by Blonde Moments and I've highlighted parts of them with chalks. The letters are done on my Cricut using the Jasmine cartridge and Bazzil Bling card stock. The flowers are a mixture of punched and Prima with a little bling added to the centre of each. The photo is of Josh holding his little sister when she was just a few days old.


Joani said...

Oh Fe - you poor thing, the shop should have contacted you. I think you have decided to do the right thing just concentrating on family and friends cards etc and of course ATC swaps.

Josh looks so happy helping you - pleased you both had a great time. :) :)

Thanks for visitng my blog

Joani x (and Debbie, yes she's still here LOL )

jay670120 said...

well i think your cards are amazing and stuff all those snotty people in the flower shop how rude !!!!
glad you are bouncing back, love your l/o and hope to see more xx can you show some of the cards you made on here maybe people will buy them from you x

pescbrico said...

I,m sorry That this happened to you. Maybe you could give those cardd to an hospital so people that are too sick to go buy one could use one to give to there loved one. This way you may feel you have done it for something usefull at least! It's a idea!
I wish you have a better week starting right now!

Cazzy said...

That was awful of them not to at least let you know!

I am sure you will find some other outlet for the cards, maybe at school for the valentines - especially if there are Dads there.

I hope you sell them soon.

Well done Josh on helping, maybe he will be a gardener!

Lesli said...

So sorry about the cards - I love the LO :)

ScrapMomOf2 said...

What a great helper! I love the layout! That really stinks about the shop not letting you know. It's their loss! Don't let it get you down any more! Cheer up! Your creations are amazing!