Sunday, 22 June 2008


It was Josh's 10th Birthday on Friday and I decided, as he's Doctor Who mad, that I would make him a TARDIS card. After trawling pictures on the Internet for hours and not being able to find a photo of the TARDIS square on I had an idea. I went and fetched Josh's TARDIS money box down from his bedroom and took a photo of it and used that for the front of the card.
For the inside I printed off a picture of the inside of the TARDIS onto normal paper to make the background then printed off photos of Josh and David Tennant as the Doctor. I love the photo of Josh because it looks like he's looking up at the Doctor. In the original he was looking up at Pluto while we were in Disneyland in Paris. Peej very kindly went round the original and took out all the background so that I could just print it out and cut round it. So it was a real joint effort.I stuck the whole lot onto a tri-fold card and then kept the inside simple with wording done on the Cricut then highlighted with white gel pen. Josh's little face when he saw it! He loved it.

Now I'll let you into a little secret.... I was pretty pleased with it myself too!!! :-)


Em said...


Fe this is COMPLETELY fabulous!!!!!!

I just LOVE how Josh is looking up at the Dr!

You are so flipping clever - no wonder he was pleased with it (and you were too! LOL!)

Hope Josh had a fab birthday too!

Jules said...

No wonder you were pleased with it hunny, it's FAB!!!

Hope Josh had a briliant birthday.

Jules x

pescbrico said...

This is such an amazing card! I bet he loved it! :)

Dee said...

It is fab and even better in 'real life'... :-)

Brilliant Fe and you should be justifiably proud and pleased with the results.


Lea said...

That is absolutely fantastic!!!! I'm sure Josh absolutely loved it Fe.

My Paper World said...

OMG! It's flippin FANTASTIC Fiona!
Well done! I think it's amazing! xx

All Pink girl said...

Wow this is fabulous ,i bet your son was thrilled ,brilliant work ,Dawnx

Chrissy said...

Thats amazing :-) Great card for him, I would imagine that he loved it, great thinking from you - Chrissy

Bee said...

Very cool Fiona!!
Happy belated b-day to Josh! :-)

Dawn said...

Fe what a BRILLIANT idea for Josh, I love it, hope he had a great day!!



malieta said...

Josh's birthday card is BEAUTIFUL Fe-Fe! No wonder you are pleased, you did a fantastic job!

Ana Baird said...

It's stunning!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

AWESOME!!!!!! Oh my dh and kids just LOVE Dr. Who!!!! How creative and amazing!!!!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

OK, I have no idea who Doctor Who is or what TARDIS is, but this is amazing!! You are so clever! The card front is perfect, and the photo? WOW! I love how Josh is looking up at him! Your brilliant Fiona! I love it!! I bet Josh's face really lit up when he saw it!


Deborah said...

You are so clever! This is a fantastic card for your son! Take care, Deb