Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Very Kind and Generous Blogging Friend

A few weeks ago whilst catching up on my favourite blogs I happened to comment on a blogging friend's blog how much I liked one of the stamps she'd used on her card. It's one I've been tempted to buy myself so many times but I really do need to use the ones I have now first before I buy any more!

This sweet friend then emailed me to ask if I would like her to stamp some out to send to me. I said that would be very kind and offered to send her some of mine in return but insisted that she had plenty and didn't need any more. She also said she would only send them if I promised not to reveal who they came from. I said her secret is safe with me! (wink)

The thing is that not only did she stamp out the image that I liked but she also sent me lots of other adorable images too and, as if that wasn't generous enough, she also included a little bag of ribbons and flowers and paperclips and all kinds of other lovely things too. It was such a wonderful surprise. So, a really big thank you secret blogging friend, you know who you are! :-)

I can't wait to use some of those gorgeous images now. My fingers are twitching just thinking about it! Lol!


Casdok said...

How thoughtful. Isnt blogging great!

Deanne said...

as casdok has said, i love blogging, i've made tons of great crafting and non crafting buddies on here.
gorgeous images and one lucky girl you are :) x

Dee said...

Your Blogging friend deserves a pat on the back for her generosity. That's crafters for you :-)


Anonymous said...

What a lovely gesture by your secret blogging friend. There are indeed some lovely people in blogland and even more so in crafting blogland :o)