Friday, 5 September 2008

Mum's Birthday Surprise

My Mum's birthday was back in February but my brother Richie couldn't give my Mum her birthday present until last Saturday when the weather was a little better than it is in winter!

You see my mum has always been a bit of a biker chick but her dream has always been to have a ride on a Harley Davidson. So on Saturday Richie invited us round to his house for a barbecue, we were stood outside chatting and waiting for the barbecue to light when Steve pulled up on his Harley. Mum's head nearly whipped off her shoulders, she turned round that fast. Then when Richie said told her that she was going out for a ride on it and "Happy Birthday" she just burst into tears. Bless her!

The photo below was taken when Richie brought the birthday cake out. We'd all sung "Happy Birthday to You" and Mum went to blow the candles out and the wind blew them out for her before she got chance!

This is Mum in her borrowed Biker Chick outfit and that's our puppy Max at the side of her.

This is Mum squished into her helmet.

Mum trying to get onto the Harley. I won't tell you all that I had to help her get her foot over as she got stuck!!! :-)

And this was Mum riding off into the sunset. Well not quite but you get the picture.


Leanne said...

Absolutely fantastic pictures!! Completely jealous as well, as that is my dream!!!
Looks like she had a fab time!
Leanne xx

ScrapMomOf2 said...

That's fabulous! Now, how difficult is it to get a Harley-Davidson in the UK? I'm totally curious about this because my husband is really into his H-Ds! How wonderful that she got to do something that she's always wanted to do! Love the photos! Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom!!

Deanne said...

brilliant Fe, love the cake shot lol
i bet shes still in her element, hugs to you all x

Dawn said...

Oh! my word - Your mum must have had the time of her life - what a fab day for her.
amazing opportunity to ride on a Harley!
Wait until I speak to her!!


Dee said...

Thank you ladies, I had a fabulous day. I'm so fortunate to have 2great children... I went to Disneyland Paris with Fe, Patrick and the children for my belated Chritmas present in August!!!!

Steve, who's bike it was, does this for people on a regular basis. Richard had been trying to organise this since February, searching England to arrange. Finally his grilfriends father asked in his local pub and Steve came forward. He's a brilliant guy and really made my day.

Deborah said...

How funny! Your Mum looks so happy and ready to roll! MY girlfriend did the same surprise for her Mum when she turned 70! So fun! Deb

Hunnybunnycards said...

What a wonderful present and your mum looks so happy, brilliant!! Your mum rocks!!


Cazzy said...

How wonderful when your dreams come true.

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Oh how fun! Birthday blessings!!!


Chooks said...

I'm so glad you posted these photo's ...I've been dying to see them....Dee looks like she had a ball on her birthday, it's lovely to see you all so happy xx