Sunday, 14 September 2008

My Un-official Birthday

It was my un-official summer birthday yesterday (my real birthday is very close to Christmas) and as a surprise Peej had arranged for us all to go ten pin bowling. It was the first time that Peej and the Kids had ever been bowling and it's a lot of years since I last had a game but we had absolute ball, pardon the pun! Josh won the first game and Ellie won the second. I managed to come last both times as I kept getting Gutter Balls! I think they should have let me win since it was my birthday - I should have had the buffers up for my go too!! Lol! :-)
Afterwards we went to Pizza Hut for tea, my favourite!

A stonking good day all round!
I've now added some photos for you! :-)


Dee said...

So glad you've finally celebrated your 2nd birthday .......... :-)

Sounds as though you all had a brilliant time. Looking forward to seeing the photo's.

Love you........... Mum XXXX

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Happy Unofficial Birthday!! Sounds like you all had fun! I love leaving the bumper guards in when I bowl too! It's so much fun NOT getting gutter balls. We haven't bowled for a while . . . might need to go again!

Deborah said...

Looks like you all had too much fun! Deb

Leanne said...

Happy unofficial birthday for yesterday! Looks like you had a fab time!!
Take care