Wednesday, 24 September 2008

New Years Resolution Card

I have been playing with my Cuttlebug today. It is so much fun. I love it.

I made this Christmas card but I managed to smudge the glitter glue before it had dried and now it has a red mark on it in a very awkward place to disguise. Any suggestions as to what I can do to hide it would be gratefully received!
The embossed card blank, oval frames and green embossed backing were all done with my new Cuttlebug. The reindeer was done on my Cricut and the sentiment came free with a magazine. The ribbon is some I bought at the craft fair on Saturday.


TxScrapAddict said...

Beautiful card. Maybe cover it with a mini holly leaf??

Leanne said...

That is gorgeous card - maybe I should venture into getting my cuttlebug OUT of its box...!!!

jay670120 said...

i love everything about this card xxx

Dawn said...

Oooh! you have been Cuttlebugging!!
This is gorgeous Fiona and how cute is your reindeer!



bubblegum said...

LOL Fe - happy accident - isn't that what they cal it. ;) :) How annoying is that - happens to me a lot - I am not patient enough!!
What about a wee tiny bell over the smudge with a piece of sting/thread going curved out of the bell.

The holly leaf is a fab idea.

What about a wee tiny cookie to two.

Some bling stones or buttons.

Or a wee tag with Rudolph written on it.

Good luck what ever you decide to do - look forward to seeing how you have covered it. ;) :)


PS - love your CB backgrounds - best invention ever - well one of them anyhows. lol

carolann said...

Brilliant card hun WTG xxxx