Monday, 27 October 2008

I've been tagged.... two blogging buddies Carol and Vicki. So I now have to think up 7 interesting facts to tell you. Hmmmmm.

1. I have a nine month old Cockapoo (half Cocker Spaniel, half poodle) puppy called Max.

2. I used to do ballet, tap and modern dance when I was younger and "starred" in loads of pantomimes and shows etc.

3. Up until I was about 23 I could do the splits all three ways ie. left leg forward, right leg forward and box splits.

4. I can still get my leg round my head - just!

5. I have to eat half a tub of Pringles a night to help keep my blood pressure up otherwise I get out of breath easily and have dizzy spells.

6. I have a sleep disorder that makes me act out my dreams, much to my poor, long suffering hubby's annoyance!

7. I'm a huge Bryan Adams fan and Peej and I are going to see him live at the MEN in Manchester on Thursday! I can't wait.

I now supposed to tag 7 people but I need to log off now to put Josh to bed so I'll just say that if you are reading this and you haven't done it yet then consider yourself tagged by me. You know who you are! :-)


ScrapMomOf2 said...

Interesting facts! Very impressive on the splits! Seriously! I cannot imagine being able to life my leg that high . . . holy moly, you're in great shape! Bryan Adams? Cool! Thanks for playing along! Give Max a scratch behind the ears for me!

Ana Baird said...

Thanks for sharing Fe! That reminds me I've been already tagged with this and need to post it soon.

Lauren said...

Hehe! TFS.