Friday, 31 October 2008

More Happy Halloween!

I have the photos!

I bought a pumpkin carving kit from Waitrose and I have to say it's the best £1.99 I've even spent. It had all these fabulous tools which made carving them soooo much easier and it also had these great patterns to carve.
This is Josh's pumpkin and the design he chose which is called "Two Faced"

This is Ellie's pumpkin and the design she chose which is called "Spookily"

And here are my two little pumpkins in their Halloween costumes being very scary. Unfortunately Josh had to wear a jacket under his costume as I realised two late that all his white shirts are short sleeved and if he went out in just his shirt he would freeze as it's about 5°C outside right now. I think he got away with it though and no one really noticed.This is Ellie's very scary witch face. and this is Josh's "I'm-going-to-drink-your-blood" Dracula face!
They would have looked better with their faces painted but to be honest I wasn't really feeling well enough to do it. I think they looked awesome anyway even without the face paint.

Just in case you are missing some crafty stuff, these are the treat boxes I made for all the Happy Halloweeners, unfortunately we've not had very many this year so I still have loads left.I made them using a tutorial on Split Coast Stampers. I embossed all the papers using my Cuttlebug then filled them with treats and sealed them up. I'm so disappointed that we didn't have more kids round.
Oh well, I guess I'll just have to eat them all instead! :-)


Dawn said...

Wow your pumkins are amazing! Well done and love the treats you made - great little boxes!


Dawn said...

Oh! and Josh and Ellie look like they are having a great time!
Scarey faces all round!!

Dee said...

Brilliant Fe.... looks like they had fun dressing up and love the pumpkins and treat bags too! Pity you didn't have many Trick or Treaters round to give them away. :-(

Love you.... mum XXXX

pretty-pink-cards said...

You pumpkins and the children look great.
We didn't have any treaters either which was a shame so i had to eat choccies too!!!!

Caroline x

TxScrapAddict said...

Great pumpkins, adorable kids and awesome treats!!

Anonymous said...


Corie said...

Those pumpkins are amazing!!!

Love the pictures of the kids -- too cute.

bubblegum said...

Aww Fe Josh and Ellie look fabulous in their scary outfits - well done. :) :)

Love the little treat boxes too - you should sit on the sofa and eat them all up and maybe you'll feel a bit better. ;) :)

Get well soon.


Leanne said...

Oh great costumes, pumpkins and treats!!!

My kids would have loved them lol!


Maya said...

WOW!!! Stunning pumpkins!
And wonderful costumes on the children :)

Thank you for you`re comment on my blog :)
Hugs from Maya.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Wow, Josh and Ellie look fantastic! They are very scary indeed! The treats you made are wonderful! How cute!!