Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Baby Ballet Take Two!

Here is Ellie in her new Ballet uniform which is the right one this time! I phoned the shop the next day and they said as I'd asked for the right one and they'd given me the wrong one they would exchange it even though she had worn it them. So that was good of them although they were still quite off with me when I went in and still didn't seem to know which was the right one. Doesn't really fill you with much confidence does it?! I decided not to buy my tap shoes from there after all and I've ordered some on-line instead. Just hope they come in time for the next "Mum's Tap" lesson.

Ellie has here tap shoes on here as she does tap first, then ballet, then modern dance to finish. Isn't she just adorable.

I asked Ellie to do some "Shuffle steps" for me so that I could get a less posed shot.
My baby ballet/tap/modern dancer!


Dawn said...

Aww Fe - Ellie is just adorable - ahh! the innocence of childhood..



jay670120 said...

How cute , a little superstar in the making x

Deborah said...

Just adorable Fe! She looks so proud in her blue dance outfit! Deb

hello gorgeous said...

Hello lovely, pop on over to my blog, I have left something there for you! :D xxxxxx

Lainy's Little Blog said...

Aww.... she is gorgeous. Takes me back to my dancing days. Love the blue instead of the usual girly pink. Hugs, Lainy xx

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Oh my goodness, Ellie is adorable, but you already know that! CUTE!