Friday, 21 November 2008

Scraplift Challenge

This is a layout I made for a scraplift challenge over on the new PCJ blog. Jayne designed the sketch for it and this was my take on it. The photos are of our little rug/puppy otherwise known as Max, when he still had his fur!! It is now growing back after his trim but he did look very bad for a time there. Poor puppy.

Good news. I rang the shop where I got Ellie's leotard and skirt from and they said as it was their mistake they would change them even though she'd worn them. So she now has the correct uniform, hurray! I didn't buy any tap shoes though as they were a little off with me in the shop so I didn't think they deserved any more custom. I will get some from somewhere else after I have had my first class (well my first since I was about 14) which is tonight at 8.15pm. I will have to do it in my trainers this week but if I enjoy it then I think I will order some tap shoes online and hope they come before the next class.

Wish me luck!!


Dawn said...

Aww Fe I had to do a double take - he does look like a rug!!! What an absolutely adorable pupster!!
Great layout too!

How did you get on with your tap classes - did it bring back memories!!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

How did your tap class go? I hope it went well! I'm glad you got Ellie's uniform all straightened out! CUTE layout! Max is adorable!!