Monday, 1 December 2008

Snow Puppy!

We had our first snow of winter today, not much I'll admit, but snow none the less. I sent Max (our Cockapoo puppy) out to play in it to see what he would make of it. As you can see he wasn't bothered at all. He loved licking it off the steps to the slide though. He looks like he has bad dandruff! Lol! But I assure you it is snow.
He loves his ball today, the rope parts on it have frozen solid and he's loving chewing on them.
I wonder what Max will make of it when we have a proper snowfall and it settles enough for him to leave paw prints in it. Hope I have my camera ready for that one!


Dawn said...

Hiya Fe!

Wow he is so big now - I bet he will love the snow when we get some!


bubblegum said...

Hi Fe - aww he is just so gorgeous, I love to see dogs playing - they are always so happy looking. :) :) Bet he wil love the snow and will probably roll around in


Cazzy said...

Max is really cute!

Deborah said...

How cute he is! He'll just carry on when you get a real good snow! He is so small, he'll sink in a snow drift! Better put a bell on him! He he! Merry hugs, Deb

ScrapMomOf2 said...

CUTE! Hi Max! Princess can be so silly in the snow! Makes us laugh! Gotta love these spoiled pets we have!

Deanne said...

bless him! wicket hasnt experienced the snow yet either just the slippy ice! lol x