Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Happy 60th Birthday Mum!

I had two ideas for cards for my Mum. One was a nice pretty one and the other was poking fun at her age - like you do when it's a 60th! As a couldn't decide which to make I ended up making both and I sent her this cheeky one from me and Peej sent her the nice pretty one from him.

I just love this stamp. It's called "Maude" and I have various sentiment stamps that I use with it. The sentiment I've used this time which says "I'll rise... but I refuse to shine" is a new addition to my collection and it's the first time I've used it. I do think it works great with this stamp though. This is the inside of the card.
Just in case you can't read the inside because it's too small I've taken a close up for you. There is a little story behind these entitlements and this is... my Gran has got older these seem to be entitlements she has given to herself and it drives my mum nuts. If any of you know the character of "Nan" that Catherine Tate does, well "Nan" is just like my Gran except my Gran doesn't use the "F" word and I don't think I've ever heard my Gran laugh! My mum and I often joke about the way my Gran is and my mum usually ends the conversation by saying "Don't ever let me get like that will you Fe?!"
I think she'll find it funny that now she's turned 60 I've given her permission to officially turn into Gran!! :-)Stamps: Art Impressions ~ Stamps Away
Coloured With: Twinkling H2Os
Papers and Felt Embellishments: K&Co
Other Embellishments: Flowers ~ Gem Brads ~ Adhesive Lace ~ Peel Offs


clare said...

aww..Fe..this is great hun..made me the image..not seen them before,and the sentiment is what you've done inside.
TFS have a great day huga clarex

Leanne said...

Absolutely fantastic card!! I am using that very same picture for my sister's 40th birthday card!!

Dawn said...

He He - Love it Fe!!
Great to talk to you today!


Lauren said...

This is so fun and clever!

Dee said...

What do you mean putting this in your gallery, how dare you insult me in this way..... errrr, Oh yes .......... its cold outside and the traffic has been terrible.... my voice has got up and gone.... errrr, Oh heck, can't keep it up LOL. Think the card is great and I do so hope I don't turn out like your Gran!!!!

Love you, and thank you for making my special day, special.


ScrapMomOf2 said...

Too cute! I bet this really made her laugh!!