Sunday, 5 April 2009

Christmas Cards

I finally got around to making some more Christmas cards yesterday. I feel like I cheated a bit as they are all made using some pre-cut images my Mum gave me. I don't really feel like I've "made" it if there isn't some degree of stamping involved but at least I've bumped up my Christmas card stash a bit which makes me feel better. :-) This one is a pyramage card, I don't really do religious cards so I may have to give this one to Peej to send to one of his friends!!
Here is a close up of the pyramage as you can't really see the effect well on the head on photo.

For this one I used a backing paper from K&Co. I had to cut it down to fit though so I cut the red and gold strip off the bottom of the original paper and then re stuck it over the paper on the card blank so that it matches the bit at the top.
I have to say this one is my favourite. I love the image of the snowman and snowlady - it's so cute. I feel as though I actually did some crafting with this one too as I cut out the backing paper and a strip of co-ordinating paper and I added some pearls!! LOL!


Littleted62 said...

I like the snowpeople one the best too Fe, it's a beautiful image. Know what you mean about not feeling you've 'made' them properly if you haven't stamped the image, but you've still put a lot of work into these and they are lovely. Nicki, xx.

Dee said...

I agree with your sentiments Fe, but Nicki is right, its what you do with them that counts and you have made them personal. Well done.

Love Mum XXXX