Wednesday, 24 June 2009

What a Day!

My daughter had a school trip to Tatton Park today which is pretty exciting in itself but it was also her teacher's 60th Birthday too and to celebrate that and also that she is retiring at the end of this school year while they were on the trip she bought them all an ice cream or ice lolly. How lovely is that?!

Of course, never being one to pass up an opportunity to make a card, I made this one for Ellie's teacher. It does say Happy 60th Birthday on it but you can't see it very well on the photo for some reason?! The little charm hanging off the flower is a dragonfly.
The papers for this are all by Hot Off The Press. I think they are gorgeous and are lovely to work with. They aren't as thick as the K&Co but the designs and colours are beautiful. The stamp inside says "Happy Birthday! How many fingers are you? Shane O'Donnell, Aged 4"
Ellie's says that her teacher giggled when she read it. :-)

This afternoon we had Joshua's statement review. I always dread it and work myself up into a bit of a tizzy over it. We always have to face the headmistress and I can't stand her and she can't stand me. We came to verbal blows over Josh and how the school was treating him a few years ago. I was trying to explain how they could help him as he was coming home very distressed every day (see previous post here for more info) and I was basically told that the school is perfect and that they couldn't possibly do any more than they were already which was incredibly frustrating to hear. Since that day forward we've both harboured a grudge and hate each other with a passion. So the Statement reviews as a result are always very stressful.

Anyway what completely failed to register with me this time around, is that the Head is no longer the SENCO! Hurray!

Last year she was in the process of handing over to Mrs S (Who is our angel and I love to bits because she's so fab!) so they were both at the meeting, this year Mrs S has taken over completely so no headmistress!!!!!!!!!!!

All that stressing for nothing! Bah Bl***y Humbug!!!

I don't mind saying though, it was such a different meeting without her there. It was so relaxed and informal and nice. A complete 180 from all the meetings we've had in the past. The atmosphere was great. In previous meetings it has been so tense and everyone as been on edge and everyone just wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. Not good.

The SENCO from the High School was at the meeting this time and she took lots of notes on the points we made about Josh and where he struggles, and what he's going to need a lot of help with. She was so positive, as was Mrs S and Joshua's class teacher that he has now. I came out feeling really good about it all. It made a wonderful change. I'm actually sat here with a smile on my face and not chuntering about it at all which is what I normally do afterwards! LOL!

It's mad to think our next one will be at the High School. Wow! I wonder what that will be like?! Hmmmmm! :-)


Dee said...

love the card and I'm sure Mrs A will have loved it too....

So pleased that all went well at the meeting. Thankfully its the last time for Josh at that school ... and you know that things can only get better at his next school.

I could understand the HM's attitude if he were a problem, but the problems if any have been made and caused by them as they don't understand autism, how to recognise the signs and how to deal with or avert situations. Had they taken time to understand etc, the odd time may have been averted.

Anyway, here's to the next school!! LOL

Love mum aka doting Grandma XXXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Fe - just read this & I've just worked out how to leave messages (I think!).
I'm really pleased everything went well for you at Josh's review - does this mean he will be carrying on with his statement at high school? I hope you get a decent level of support there.
We've just had our son David's review which went really well too - he's come on in leaps & bounds over the past year & his communication is getting really good now. We are so lucky with his school, they do so much to help him.His autism creates some interesting moments (!) but they deal with it so well.
I really hope you get a better deal at his new school & the SEN team understand autism a lot more - it makes all the difference as we know.
Take care,
Caroline (Friday feeling)