Thursday, 3 September 2009

Back To School

It was Ellie's first day back at school yesterday. She was very excited about seeing all her friends again. This year they have new uniform. Before the infants used to wear polo shirts and ties were optional and the cardigan/jumpers were just plain green with the school logo on.

Now the infants and the juniors all have to wear a shirt and tie and the jumpers/cardigan are a different material and have yellow stripes on them as well as the school logo. The new jumpers do look smarter but the material is very rough even after washing them. Ellie was just so excited about going to school it was really difficult to get her to stay still for the photos.

I can't believe this is her last year in the infants. This time next year she'll be in the juniors. Where's my baby gone?!

Josh started at High School today. I was a little worried as a friend of mine was taking him and dropping him off and she had to take him quite early on her way to work. As it turned out the school is open early and he can go in the canteen first thing or the library to wait so that was a weight off my mind.

I can't believe how grown up he looks in this uniform. I'm so used to seeing him in the green one.
He's getting so tall too. Have you seen the length of those legs?! It's not going to be too much longer before he's taller than me. Argggggg!


Cazzy said...

Don't they both look so smart and grown up!

Josh has a uniform a lot like my old school uniform, which they still wear today!

Cazzy x

Dee said...

Don't they both just look smarty pants? LOL

So pleased that both had good starts on their first days. Lets hope it continues for them.

I think Josh is as tall as me now!!! As you say, where do the years go.... doesn't seem so long ago that it was me worriying about yours and Richies first days at school!!!


Leanne said...

Wow your kiddies not only look gorgeous but they look so grown up!!

I am dreading my two going back to school - what is going to happen with all the free time?!!


Anonymous said...

Ellie and Josh look so smart! Hope all went well! Good job, mom!

friday feeling said...

They look lovely & smart in their new uniforms - I hope they've had good starts to the year!