Tuesday, 5 January 2010


We woke up this morning to rather a lot of snow. Both Josh and Ellie's schools were closed due to the roads being so bad no one could get to them!

Ellie and I decided to make the most of it and go out and build a snowman with a bit of help from Max puppy of course.

This is Ellie and I starting to make the snowman.
Here is Max starting his collection of snowballs on his paws.

Max absolutely loves it when you throw snowballs for him. He's waiting so patiently for Ellie to throw this one.

and the snowballs on his legs get bigger!

Ellie really enjoyed finding the deep bit of snow.

This is Max playing catch the snowballs.

and this is our rather dodgy looking snowman! It didn't help that Max kept attacking his head while we were trying to roll it!


clare said...

Happy New Year Hun xx

Aww..what lovely pic's of you all in the garden...wow you've had some snow..we had a blanket this afternoon...then it stopped but now we have a weather warning tonight..and the gritters are now out..but ive my fingers crossed for more snow...hoping the school is closed as i wont have to go to work..lol

TFS hugs clare xx

Deanne said...

oh fe, i did giggle, wicket is the same, its like the snow glues to his legs lol
great snowman :) we are wondering if we will get snow tmz now :)

hello gorgeous said...

lush snow day fe! pics are fab, espesh the snowballs on max's legs! ;o)

Happy New Year to you and yours, hope 2010 fulfills all your expectations!

Haven't been blogging for a while and have also moved to a new blog home, pop on over and say hi!


hello gorgeous xxx