Monday, 31 May 2010

Happy 7th Birthday Ellie

Today is my daughter Ellie's 7th Birthday. Where does the time go. She doesn't seem to have been on the planet long enough to be 7 already.

Ellie loves my Sugar Nellie stamps so I thought I'd make her a concertina card so I could put a few of them on her card for her.
Because it's so long I thought I'd take a closer picture of it in two halves so that you can see it better. This is the first half.
and this is the second half.

My daughter has been wanting a Nintendo DSi for ages and I've finally given in and got her one for her birthday. This was her face as she opened it. I think she was pleased?!

Josh is so jealous though as he said he wanted one for his birthday. Unfortunately for him Ellie's Birthday comes first but on the plus side his is only 20 days away. I wonder if he'll get one for his???


pescbrico said...

My big girl got one of those too and the smile did look like that :) Your card is very fabulous :)

friday feeling said...

Gorgeous card Fe - I bet she absolultely loved it! My birthday was on Monday too - I think I'm a few more fingers than seven though!
I got a cuttlebug which I was excited about - & a game for the DS - so I haven't grown up at all!
I hope she had a fantastic day!
Caroline x