Saturday, 11 August 2007

Early Birthday Present

I have to begin this by explaining that my real birthday is in December just a few days before Christmas and for as long as I can remember I've hated it. My brother was born in May and used to do really cool stuff for his birthday like going camping or as he got older he'd have a barbecue in the garden and have loads of family and friends round. In December no one in their right mind wants to go camping and I certainly never tried inviting anyone round for a barbecue for my birthday, for a start we'd have been eating in the pitch black by 6pm not to mention everyone would have needed snowsuits and thermal underwear in order to enjoy their burgers. As I got older and went through the "going clubbing for my birthday" phase I always found my friends were either on Works Christmas Do's on the day I planned to go out or were too skint to come because they'd already spent all their money on Christmas presents. So yes my winter birthday has always been a little bone of contention with me.

Christmas 2005 Patrick made a comment about how difficult it was to find presents for me for my birthday and for Christmas all in one go. I said jokingly that if it made it easier for him he could move it if he liked. He obviouly went away and thought about it because a few days later he said "what about if we did more your birthday to say... August?" To cut a long story short I agreed and so now (like the Queen) I have two birthdays. My unofficial birthday which always falls on the bank holiday weekend in August which Peej and kids celebrate (and last year we spent in Marbella - yay to not being cold on my birthday!) and my official one which the rest of my family and friends still celebrate in December.

With that explained... Patrick came home from work yesterday and told me that he'd brought my Birthday present home with him and that I could save it for my (unofficial) birthday however given my new venture in the world of the blog and being a Papercraft Junkies Design Team Member, I may find it useful to have now. Well when you say something like that how on earth can you be expected to wait two weeks?!!

My birthday present is a Novoflex Magic Studio which is a table top photographic studio complete with special white background, specialist lighting and clamp stand for my camera so that I can take more professional looking photos of my art projects for uploading onto here and the Papercraft Junkies site. How fab is that!! Slight hitch in that we think we may need a bigger white background but I haven't really had chance to have a proper play with it yet. Hopefully will get time tomorrow as I need to start work on the new challenge. If I manage to produce something I can have a go at photographing it then with my new studio. How's that for an incentive to get going. Watch this space as they say!! :-)

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Jules said...

Oooooh, moving birthdays sounds like a fab idea! I am lucky to have a birthday in August (but used to hate it when I was younger as it was always in the summer holidays and so many people were away and unable to come to my parties!) I now have 2 children who have a birthday around in Christmas, one on Christmas Eve and the other on Boxing Day!!!