Friday, 10 August 2007

Not The Best Day Ever!

We had a friend of Ellie's round to play for the day yesterday. I'll refer to the child as EF (as in Ellie's Friend) from here on in just to make it simpler. My friend brought EF round at 8.30am while my two were still fast asleep in bed. However once my friend had left for work it wasn't long before Josh and Ellie emerged all energetic and ready to start the day.

I knew we were going to be in for a rough ride, when, about half an hour later Josh announced that he couldn't bear to be in the same room as EF. As Josh had already had his breakfast by this point I suggested he went upstairs to go on the PlayStation as then he would be away from EF. I don't really like Josh going on the PlayStation until at least after lunch but sometimes rules have to give a bit especially in situations like this.

It was all going well until Josh decided he was bored on his own and wanted Ellie to play with him. I pointed out that Ellie could come and join him but then EF would want to come too, would that be OK? I guess it wasn't because at that point Josh flew into a rage, stormed off to his bedroom and slammed the door. He then stood behind it with his shoulder wedged under the handle to hold it up so I couldn't get in, going on about how he hates life and he hates me and he hates EF and it's all so unfair... rah rah rah! I have to admit that I actually like standing behind the door listening to the stuff he comes out with because some of it is really funny and other times it can be very insightful into what it is exactly that's upset him. I listened in for a bit while got everything of his chest while intermittently banging against the door until I decided the door had taken enough of a battering and forced the door open (thank goodness for all those gym sessions!) so that I could try to talk to him and calm him down. Josh rushed over to stare out of the window with his hands over his ears which basically translates as
"I'm feeling very angry right now and if you try to talk to me about what just happened I'm going to get even more angry because I'm not ready for you to talk me out of it yet"
So I didn't try to talk to him instead I told him I loved him and gave him a kiss and told him I was sorry he was having such a bad day. Then I explained that it was nearly 12 o'clock and would he like a chocolate spread sandwich for lunch? All this caught him completely off guard and he forgot about being angry and went back to play on the PlayStation until lunch was ready.

Lunch went well and afterwards Ellie and her friend went upstairs to play on the PlayStation while Josh stayed downstairs and watched a bit of Boomerang. This was okay until EF got fed up with the PlayStation and came down and started watching TV with Josh. As soon as Josh noticed he kicked off big style! Ran off to his bedroom again. SLAM went the door. Chunter, chunter, mutter, mutter, all the way. I did the big "here we go again" sigh and trudged up the stairs after him, leaving EF looking completely bewildered as to what exactly Josh's problem was. I managed to bring JJ round eventually (several suggestions later) by getting him to agree to watched Boomerang on the TV in my room. Luckily as we were switching it on, a film that he really wanted to watch came on so he sat engrossed in that until EF went home at 6pm.

Now if you think that was the end of it you're sadly mistaken that was just the Josh part of it. Oh no it doesn't end there. Throughout the course of the day EF wanted to play outside, but not alone, only with Ellie. Now they played out together really nicely in the morning. They played on their bikes and I'd got the Thomas the Tank Engine tent out and everything and they'd had a great time. However Ellie had decided that once was enough and no matter how much EF begged, pleaded and nagged she was adamant that she was not going to play out again... and boy did EF beg, plead and nag! EF begged, pleaded and nagged Ellie to play out again. EF begged, pleaded and nagged me to try to get me to persuade Ellie to go outside and when that didn't work EF went back and begged, pleaded and nagged Ellie again until she got so sick of it that she told her friend that she didn't like them any more. At which point EF burst into tears.

I suggested EF leave Ellie alone for a bit and then she might want to play again as constantly nagging her obviously wasn't working. Luckily EF took the advice and 10 minutes later they were playing nicely together again. Just in time for EF to be picked up by Dad and taken home.

Lets just chalk that one up to experience and say I've had better days!!

Like today for example :-)

Today was a good day. Started off well, with a cup of tea in bed, brought to me by my wonderful hubby! Now I need to make a slight confession here... because I was having a bad day yesterday I decided to order some new craft stuff to cheer me up, well that and being a design team member for Papercraft Junkies I now get 15% discount on Crafty (sister site to Papercraft Junkies) and Tracey's got a sale on at the moment and I need to be prepared for the Design Team Challenges so it would be kind of rude not to order something wouldn't it?!! Anyway put the order in at about 3pm yesterday afternoon and the postman delivered it this morning!! How fab is that?!! Any day's a good day when you get new craft stuff delivered!

We went off to Stockport this morning to do some shopping and to get the kids out of the house after being in all day yesterday. Josh was in a really good mood until just before we pulled into the car parking space and then for apparently no reason he started getting really upset and refused to get out of the car. When I asked him what the problem was it seems that he was having flash backs to a scary part of a film we let him watch last night, supposedly as a treat, to make up for his bad day. It was only a PG film but I guess after the day he'd had it was just a bit too much for him to handle and it had stuck in his head. I must admit I really thought he was going to win this battle but I eventually talked him into getting out of the car to come shopping with us but he wasn't happy about it. Half way into the town centre from the car park, he was still muttering to himself and suddenly decided he'd do a runner from me. Luckily I saw him about to go and I grabbed his arm before he could get any distance between us. I took him to one side and had a little chat about us all having a bad day yesterday and that we needed this one to be better. I explained to him that if he didn't change his attitude then we were all going to have another rotten day. I said that I didn't like this Josh very much and could I have my nice Josh back. He thought about it for a bit and then he smiled and he was great after that.

We went into Adams to try to get Ellie some more green school summer dresses but it's turning into a bit of a farce, needless to say they didn't have any in the size I wanted, so we went next door to Barclay's and paid some cheques in. Josh found a box of pens that said "need a pen... feel free" on it (or words to that effect) and read it out loud. I asked him if he wanted one and a big grin spread across his face. I passed him one - made his day! If I'd know a free pen would make him that happy I'd have given him one yesterday!! The rest of the shopping trip went without incident other than Josh pretending the pen was a gun and shooting everyone that went past. Ho hum. As they were so well behaved I treated them to a go on the little roundabout that's always in the middle of the precinct.

We called in at the new big Next store on the way back to the car and Ellie chose the funkiest Pepper Pig wellies. They're bright yellow with pink flowers on them. She's such a girlie girl not like her mum!!! I think I may have to take a photo of them before they get dirty and do a scrapbook layout of them. I have some lovely new pink and yellow papers that would go great! Oooh feel a crafty moment coming on....

This afternoon I was gently reminded that it's my turn to chose the theme for the 2nd Challenge for Papercraft Junkies so I've just been and posted my theme on the design Team thread ready for everyone to get stuck into over the coming week. I managed to do two pieces of work for the 1st Challenge in the end which I'm quite pleased with.

If you would like to take part in the 1st Challenge or you just want to check out the Design Teams creations for it then it goes live on Monday 13th August so go check it out!! :-)

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Fe-Fe's hubby said...

Thanks for the commendation honey! And I'm glad that you had a better day today.