Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Back to School

A very emotional day today. My son has started back in year 5. For the first time ever he has a male teacher. Josh doesn't like change so we'll just have to wait and see how today goes for him. Fingers crossed he'll be fine!

And my baby girl started school for the very first time! She had several visits back in May/June but today is her first day in uniform and staying for the whole day!
In my panic not to be late on the first day and thinking that we needed extra time for photos, we were actually ready to go at 8am which was great, except for the fact that we didn't need to leave the house until 8.25am. However it gave Ellie time to play with her farm before school so she was more than happy about that.

Patrick had arranged to go into work late so that he could be there for Ellie's first day at school so as it was raining the four of us set off in the car and we just managed to get the last space in the school car park - hurrah! I took Josh round to the junior entrance while Peej took Ellie round to the infants. The doors were open (because of the traditional English weather) and Josh and I were able to go straight in. We found his new peg easily enough and were just hanging his bags up when his one to one came out to great us. She asked Josh where Ellie was and he told her that she was going into reception. Then he said "Go on mum, go quick, go see Ellie" Which I thought was really sweet. So we had a big hug and said goodbye and I ran off down the corridor to the infants leaving him in the capable hands of Mrs. Faux.
As I got to the infants, Ellie and Peej had just come in and Ellie had found her peg and was hanging her things up so it was timed to perfection. We walked her down the corridor to her classroom and she put her lunch box on the trolley then she gave us both a hug and a kiss goodbye and off she went into the classroom. She sat down at the table and that was that. Patrick and I stood there for a bit and she caught our eye and she waved, so we waved back and thought ok we'd better go then. Other parents weren't so lucky with their children and had to have them peeled off them so we were so proud of Ellie, she was a little star!

The PTA did a coffee morning thing for all the new parents so we went off to have a brew with the other new Mums and Dads and then I walked Patrick to work and then carried on into town to do some shopping. I have to say it is so bizarre not having Ellie with me. I keep feeling like I've dropped something or some thing's missing and it's soooo quiet. The plan is just to keep myself busy until I get used to it and to be honest there's a lot needs doing that will occupy my time.

I'm just hoping that Josh and Ellie will both be ok come home time as that is usually when Ellie gets upset because she realises how much she's missed me and usually burst into tears and if Josh hasn't had a good day with his new teacher and the change has all been a bit much then he'll be as mad as hell when he comes out. Hmmm. Only 3 hours and 32 mins to go!!! Hopefully it has all gone well for them both and they'll come out happy. Fingers crossed eh?! I'll let you know what happens!


stampingranny said...

The children are wonderful! They look so preppy in their uni's! Trasure these years, as they fly by! Good job Mom! TFS- Deb

Dee said...

Don't they just bring a lump to your throat and a tear to your eye? Josh looks so tall and Ellie just so grown up! Pleased that everythink went well for both of them. It's a great relief. :-)


Heather P. said...

Your kids are beautiful! :)

Melissa said...

Your kiddies are beautiful!