Thursday, 6 September 2007

Fab Kids!

Both Josh and Ellie came out of school happy, yesterday, saying they'd had a good first day (back).

Ellie had been given a yellow badge by her teacher to show which house she is in and she was just bursting with pride when she came out and couldn't wait to show it to me. It was a great distraction and I was so glad she didn't cry when she saw me as she had done during her visits.

Josh came out of school and said Mr Shaw was OK and that he'd had a good day too which is actually very high praise from Josh and, I have to say, was a huge relief. I was very worried about how he'd get on but he coped marvelously.

My children are just fab! (swells with pride!!)


The kid's Daddy said...

Well done kids - Mummy and Daddy are very, very, very proud of you!

I think you two coped better than we did.


ScrapMomOf2 said...

Daddy's comment above is way too cute and sweet!

I can completely relate to the anxiety with the kids and school. It's the same every year for me and my girls! They are having a GREAT year so far, and I couldn't be prouder! You go ahead and swell with pride! It's a mother's job to do that!! Have a great day!

Dee said...

Fe have something to be proud of with Josh and Ellie, they are such a credit to you. I love 'em to bits!