Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Bring Back Bertie!!

On Monday morning I had my first aerobics class with the new instructer who is taking over from Bertie. Now I promise I was trying to keep an open mind even though I knew her class just wasn't going to match up to Bertie's and I must admit we have had worse instructors fill in for him but it was still pretty pants. However I did feel it wasn't actually too bad and I could probably live with it as a sloppy second.

I mean the routine didn't flow and she spent so long teaching the first part of the routine that I thought that was the only thing we were going to do for the whole hour!

She did the whole routine at the front of the class with us which meant you didn't have to think for yourself - I don't like that.

The music wasn't very inspiring and was too quiet - it got better after I managed to catch her eye and got her to turn it up, but apart from all that I thought I could live with it.

Then I had Bertie's step aerobics class today and it's just like rubbing your nose in it! The music is mainly stuff I used to go clubbing to in my younger days - fantastic! The routine flows, he gets the class motivated to put loads of effort in and he leaves you to it so you have to remember the routine, excellent! But it really made me realise how pants my Monday session really was and as much I try to persuade myself that I can live with it, I just want Bertie back.

I was talking to some of the girls afterwards and they really hated the Monday session and just want Bertie back too. I suggested making a card for him and getting everyone to sign it and everyone was up for it so I made this.

I managed to use up some of the bits of paper left over from David's tube so that was an extra bonus.

Just hope the emotional blackmail works and if enough people sign it he'll change his mind and come back...


ScrapMomOf2 said...

Such a cute card! Love that dog! I hope he comes back, but even if he doesn't, I know he'll be thrilled to know how much you all appreciate him!

Shh-Shh said...

Oh Dear Fe Fe... you have got it bad! I hope the emotional blackmail works... love the card he is really cute.x.

Corie said...

This is so cute -- hope it works.

malieta said...

This is funny and I love your card!

Ijsbeer said...

haha. hope it works!