Saturday, 17 November 2007

Photos from Florida Trip

Patrick and I have just spent a wonderful week in Florida. Lots of sunshine, rollercoasters, amimals and eating! We had a fabulous time although the novelty of having no children wore off after about two days and we missed them terribly.

We started off with 3 nights in the Hard Rock Hotel.

On our first full day there we went to Discovery Cove and were trainers for a day. I haven't got the photos for that but I'll add them later for you. We got to feed birds, stroke a shark and be pushed through the water by two dolphins. Boy do dolphins noses hurt your feet when they do that! But it was a fabulous experience.

We then spent two days in the Universal Theme parks. They have some pretty awesome rides!

Then we moved hotels and spent 4 nights in Disneys Grand Floridian Hotel.
On our first full day there we went to Busch Gardens and did a special Safari. I have to say that up until then dolphins have always been my favourite animals but after our incounter with the giraffes at Busch Gardens I have a new favourite.

These gentle giants are so adoreable. We were feeding them leaves and they were leaning over my shoulder trying to get the leaves with their long tongues. I was trying to take photos but I ended up just taking this ones nose because that's as far away as I could reach.

On the second to the last day we decided we'd do the character breakfast. We thought we might feel a bit silly without the kids but when my favourites, Pooh Bear and Tigger came round we both just had to have a hug!
The photos of me are on Peej's camera so I'll have to add those later!


ScrapMomOf2 said...

We got to feed giraffes in a wildlife zoo in Arizona, and it was fantastic! Great pics! Love Tigger and Pooh! (I would have missed my kids too!)

bubblegum said...

Looks like you had a fab time Fe. Photos are great. I love it after you have bben on hols then you come back and see all the pics in their glory. :)

Debbie x