Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter Egg Trail

Josh following his chocolate football trail to find his eggs.
Ellie finding her first egg on her trail.

Yum! A Cadbury's Caramel egg!It's a little chick one - full of chocolate buttons!

Found another one - it's mini eggs this time!

I got a basket of eggs!

The Easter Bunny put one in the dish washer?!!!

The Easter Bunny left mine in the porch!

... and while we were all busy downstairs the Easter Bunny hopped up the stairs and left one on each of their pillows!!
You've gotta love that Easter Bunny!


ScrapMomOf2 said...

Your photos are WONDERFUL! How cute following the trail! Happy Easter! Josh and Ellie sure look like they have fun! You do have to love that Easter Bunny!

pescbrico said...

How fun that you took pictures of the egg hunting :) The first thing I heard this morning was a WOW from my daughter when she saw the eggs! :)

Deborah said...

Oh, I remember those days with my girls! Such adorable pictures! Yummy! Happy Easter! Deb

Heather P. said...

Wow... Look at all those goodies!!! Your kids look like they had such a blast!

Happy Easter!! :)

Ana Baird said...

Lovely and great pictures! Happy Easter!

Dee said...

Seems like I missed out on some fun today, looks like they had a ball searching for the eggs.

Thanks for sharing the photo's with us....


Louly said...

Oh what fun! I wish we'd done that when I was a child. I did a hunt for my children, they're 15 & 12 but I think you're never too old for a bit of magic.

Deanne said...

lol brilliant idea Fe
i never thought of doing it indoors!!! x

bubblegum said...

Egglecent pics Fe - your kiddies look as if they are having a great time. ;) :)

Debbie x