Monday, 24 March 2008

World Book Day

For World Book Day Josh dressed up as the "Little Old Man" from "The Gigantic Turnip" We didn't have a turnip so he took a blow up pumpkin that we have for Halloween and he had a little mouse on his hand as it's the mouse that's the last one to come and help pull up the turnip before it pops out and who eats the most turnip stew at the end!
Ellie wanted to wear her Halloween costume so she went as Incy Wincy Spider.

Josh won best costume in his class and got to chose a book from the book club magazine as his prize.

A little boy who went as Harry Potter won best costume in Ellie's class.
Don't they both look great!


bubblegum said...

Weel done Josh for winning - he looks fabulous - well, so does Ellie too. Fab photos :)

Debbie x

Deborah said...

What fun! The cutest ever! Deb

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Josh and Ellie look fantastic! They're both so cute! Congratulations to Josh on winning best costume!

Em said...

I love these piccies, they both look so very happy.

Well done Josh for winning - what a star!

And Ellie, you was robbed, you def look loike a winner to me!

Cazzy said...

They look fantastic, congratulations on winning - I can see why Josh won, sorry Ellie didn't too!

jay670120 said...

Cute little pics i was trying to figure out what all the wrinkles were on james and the giant peach !!! ???? but then i read on lol got wrong book whoops !!!!! I loved the giant turnip book as a kid x