Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Sports Day

It was Josh and Ellie's Sports Day at school today. They both did so well and I was so proud of them both especially as first thing this morning they were both hoping it was going to rain so that they wouldn't have to do it! The first race they did was the hurdles. I have got photos of Josh doing this too but unfortunately I can't crop the other children out of those ones so I daren't put them on here.

This was the potato and spoon race. Josh was really fast but steady and hardly dropped his potato at all. Ellie was slow and steady, bless her, but she did it really well.
This was what the two of them got up to while waiting their turn at the next race!
This was the obstacle race. You can see Ellie in the background egging Josh on. I think she's shouting "Come on Josh!"
Then it was Ellie's turn.
This one was the old keep-a-rubber-ring-on-your-head-while-stepping-through-a-hoop race as demonstrated by Ellie...
...and Josh!
Their house came last which was such a shame as they did so well. Most of the sports day events are done as relays and they have a certain amount of time to keep going and a teacher counts up how many times the children in each of the houses manage to go in that time. However at the end they have a few of the more traditional races where they have four children racing against each other. Josh was in the skipping race and the running race as he's the only boy in his class who is in yellow. Josh did his best and even though he was in last place for both he didn't give up and kept trying right to the end and he didn't get upset that he didn't win which is a very big deal for Josh.

Ellie ran one race for her class too and she also came last but only just and she is one of the smallest in her class and therefore the school and she ran her very best too. I can't tell you how proud I am of how hard they tried and how well they did. I'm one proud mummy today!


Dawn said...

Aww Fe what beautiful photos - No wonder you are a proud mummy - and so you should be too!



Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Awww.........what AWESOME kids!!! You should be proud of those wonderful kids and great attitudes!!! I'm just catching up on blogs and loved seeing all these adorable new creations!!!!!

Dee said...

You forgot to mention the rain dance they'd almost resorted to so that they didn't have to do the Sports Day Fe!!! plus there was one proud daddy and Grandma there too to egg them on. LOL

Love Mum X

Lana said...

What beautiful photos!
They look like they had a fab time. Unfortunately my son's got cancelled due to bad british weather! lol

bubblegum said...

Excellent photos Fe - you have captured the kids wonderfully. so glad you and them enjoyed it. :) :) I used to love my DS's sports day, but that was a looong time ago, lol, lol. ;) :)


ScrapMomOf2 said...

Aw, Fiona! These photos are awesome! Look at them both! I'm proud of them too! Well done Josh and Ellie!

How's your sweet little Max? Spoiling him rotten?

Take care and have a great weekend!

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Looks like such fun!!!


Em said...

Oh Fe, these are such fab piccies, they both look so happy, determined and proud - great stuff!

jay670120 said...

awwww how cute looks like they had fun x