Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Teacher's Gifts

This is the portable Post-it pad that I made for Ellie's teacher. I made up a little story (below) to go in the card to go with it. Now my hubby thought I was nuts for the story bit but my mum and one of the mum's I showed it to both thought it was nice. I will let you be your own judge!
>Once upon a time there was a reception class teacher called Miss Keane. One day Miss Keane decided that she would take her class to Stapeley Water Gardens for the day.

Towards the end of the class trip Miss Keane said to some of the mummy helpers “The children have been coming out with some wonderful things. It’s at times like this I wish I had a post-it pad that I could wear round my neck so that I could write them all down!”

Little did Miss Keane know that a tiny water fairy, who was dipping her feet in the fish pool next to where Miss Keane was standing, was listening to every word she said.

The water fairy decided to follow Miss Keane around to see if she was a teacher worthy of having a wish come true. Well, the tiny fairy didn’t need to follow her for very long to realise that Miss Keane was a very special teacher who was very kind to the children in her care and who seemed to have a special place in her heart for each and every one of them.

The water fairy said “I will make Miss Keane’s wish come true and she can have it as a gift from the children at the end of the school year then she will know that all the children have a special place in their hearts for her too.”

I was then asked to make two tins one for the class teacher and one for the teaching assistant. All the children were then given two cards and asked to write and/or draw a message for Miss Keane and Mrs Roberts on them and these then went in the tins. It was a fab idea so how could I refuse. These are the tins I did. The papers on both the tins are by Daisy Bucket Designs and the lettering was done with my Quickutz.
And then because I'd made something for Miss Keane but nothing for Mrs Roberts I bought some small boxes of chocolates and made a sleeve to go over each one and then made a matching card to go with it. They also have little tags with a hand written message from Ellie on too but they are tucked in the top of the chocolates.The papers on these are from K&Co and the writing was done on my Cricut .


Dee said...

I think they are georgous and I wouldn't mind receiving any one of them.... lucky teachers I say. We didn't give leaving presents to our teachers.... but then they weren't very nice in those days and I must admit that Miss Keane has been superb this year with Ellie.

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

What awesome gifts to give and your story is sweet and thoughtful.


bubblegum said...

Oh my word Fe - they are all fabulous, amazing just gorgeous - they will adore and treasure them. :) :) How thoughtful are you to do all of those. :) :)

And just for you being so great - pop over to my blog please - I have an award for you. :) :)


Leanne said...

Wow Fe, absolutely stunning - I bet the teachers loved them, I know I would!!

Em said...

I LOVE that story and your pressies are just delish!!!!

Bet they were well chuffed with you Mrs!