Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy Freezing New Year!

Happy New Year to all in the land of blog!

We've not had the best start to the New Year. We woke up this morning to no heating!!!! Our boiler decided to stop working in the middle of the night, that was nice of it! It couldn't have happened during the mild spell we had over Christmas. Oh no! It's happened when the temperature is not going to get above 0°C today. Peej phoned British Gas this morning and they are sending someone round between 12pm and 6pm which is still hours away. In the mean time Peej is waiting for B+Q to open so that he can go buy some emergency heating.

It's so cold!!! The kids are on the sofa snuggled up under our duvet. Josh is watching TV and Ellie is reading Super Diaper Baby. B+Q is now open so hopefully we'll have some heat soon! Keep your fingers crossed for us please!


Dawn said...

Awww Fe that's not so good!
You'll soon have heat again though and be all snuggly again!

Happy New Year!


Dee Bibb said...

AaawwFe!! Not a good way to start the new year.....but at least you will have heat agin very soon!

Hope the rest of the new year is better than the beginning!

pescbrico said...

That a way to start a new year! I wish you can get some heat really soon. I wish you a warm and cosy new year!

Cazzy said...

Happy New Year Fe. What a time for the heating to go, you are lucky that BG came out today. Hope you are all soon nice and warm.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Oh Fiona! That's horrible! I hope you can get the boiler fixed very quickly! Not a good way to start the new year!

Deborah said...

Burrrr! Hope you all are nice and snugy now! Happy new year! Hugs, Deb