Thursday, 9 April 2009

Max's New Look.

Max went to the dog groomers today. This is only his second ever hair cut. The lady who groomed Max last time cut his fur way too short and he looked awful and it really put us off taking him again. To be fair we didn't know exactly what we wanted her to do - we were hoping she'd have some suggestions - but when we went to pick him up we knew exactly what we didn't want but it was too late by then.

This time we went armed with a sheet of paper with instructions on it as to which parts we wanted short and what we wanted left long. It was kind of like painting by numbers! LOL!

So this is what Max looked like first thing this morning... ...and this is what he looks like now.
Doesn't he look lovely?! :-)


bubblegum said...

Aww Max looks sooooooooo cute and cuddly with his new hair cut. :)

Hope you car is feeling better too. :)


clare said...

aww..he looks gorgeous..just want to cuddle him..we also had that problem when we took our dog(bichon frise)before..and changed groomers and he comes out looking like a Bichon now..not like a new born
what breed is max?
hugs clarex

Heather P. said...

Aww, he looks totally ADORABLE! Just makes you want to run over and cuddle with him. :)

Cazzy said...

He looks so handsome, and he is smiling in the second pic, so he knows he does!

Cazzy x

Dee said...

He looks much better... and a vast improvement on the Poodle cut she gave him on his first visit. LOL

At least Peej can't say he won't take him for a walk this time :-)

Love Mum XXXX

Dawn said...

Aww he's all fluffed up - adorable - he's so big !!!