Thursday, 9 April 2009

What A Morning!

It's always the way isn't it?! When you have a definite plan in your head for how the day is going to work something always manages to come and put a spanner in the works! LOL!

My plan for today was:
1. Get up early
2. Have breakfast early
3. Get everyone dressed early
4. All of us take Max for a quick walk
5. Get the kids and Max in the car
6. Drive Max to the dog groomers
7. Phone Ellie's friend from outside the dog groomers to see if she was available to come and play today
8. If she is pick her up on the way back from dog groomers
9. Josh do some more of his home work
10. Josh go round to his friends house and ask him if he would like to come and play here.
11. While kids busy with friends, clean house ready for Dad and Liz coming to visit on Saturday.
12. At about 3.30pm send Josh's friend home
13. Drop Ellie's friend home
14. Pick Max up from the dog groomers
15. Rest!!!

But this is how the day has gone so far.
1. Woke up at 4.15am and couldn't get back off to sleep again.
2. 5.15am just dropping back off to sleep when Ellie wakes up with pins and needles in her hand.
3. Get back into bed after getting rid of Ellie's pins and needles and finally drop off to sleep.
4. Woken by Josh getting up at 7am, get up and have breakfast.
5. 8.00am Peej finally gets out of the bathroom so that I can get in.
6. 8.30am Ellie still asleep and Josh only just having breakfast. (It was too early for him to eat at 7am)
7. Start drying my hair in the hope that the noise of the hair dryer will wake Ellie
8. Hooray it does!
9. 8.45am Manage to talk Peej into sorting Ellie out with breakfast and getting Ellie and Josh dressed while I take Max out for very quick walk!
10. 9.10am Get back from walk, kids not ready to go - Josh almost ready, Ellie still in PJ's and sat on toilet!
11. 9.20am Hurry up kids and get them and Max into the car.
12. Set off to dog groomers.... car doesn't want to work! Car poorly! Fe-Fe's car not want to go to dog groomers today!
13. Manage to do a U-turn at the end of the road. Limp car back onto the drive.
14. Grab Peej and ask him ever so nicely to drive us all to the dog groomers
15. Transfer kids and dog into Peej's car
16. Peej drives us all to the dog groomers
17. 10am Get home and call the garage.
18. Waiting in for now for mechanic coming out later today to see if they can fix my little car for me.

I think I may go back to bed and start again! :-(


ScrapMomOf2 said...

Oh no! It is always that way!! Good intentions, and a well thought out list of things to do, and it just doesn't happen! Well, at least Max got to the groomers!! I hope tomorrow is better!! Sorry you had a rough morning! Take care!

clare said...

OMG hun..don't you just hate those days..and mine are getting like that more
hope tomo brings a better day..and hope your car can be fixed..and most inportantly..that you get a good night sleep
hugs clarex

Dee said...

The word 'Fiasco' comes to mind here.... LOL Just think, the day can only get better and hope it did :-)

Love Mum XXX