Monday, 20 July 2009

School's out!

Yes Josh and Ellie finished school on Friday. Hooray! For Josh this is a big turning point as he is starting at the High School in September. It's going to mean big changes for him but I think once the newness of it all has worn off and he settles in I think it will do him the world of good.

On Wednesday it was Sports Day and despite doing many rain dances throughout the morning, the sun shone and it wasn't cancelled. Bah Humbug. As usual Josh ended up in tears after the first 10 minutes and then refused to take part and I was left to deal with him, as usual.

Did I actually think this year would be any different?! No, that's why I was praying for rain! LOL!

We ended up just finding a quiet spot and messing about until it was all over. I don't know why I don't just keep them both off on Sports Day. It would make life a whole lot easier and be a lot less stressful.
On Friday Josh and the rest of the Year 6 kids had a leavers assembly and I have to say I was doing fine until they started singing the school leavers song at the end. The lyrics were along the lines of:

This is our leavers song
We're proud of what we've done
Go from here with confidence
With all the things to come

We've never been so mature
As we head out through that door
We're leaving for ******** High
Time to say Goodbye

There were more verses but Josh can't remember them.

Anyway seeing all the kids up on the stage, most of whom I've known since they started in reception 7 years ago. Kids that I've been on school trips with, walked with them to the church for Harvest Festivals and Christmas services, I've lit their Christingle candles for them and watched them intensely to make sure they didn't set fire to themselves. I've seen them taking part in various assembly's and plays throughout the past 7 years and seen them all grow up so much in that time and to see them all up there singing those lyrics... well soppy sod that I am, I blubbed like a baby!

It didn't help that my favourite teacher at the school is also leaving. She's the only class teacher that Josh has ever had that has actually understood him and known how to handle him to get the best out of him. If it wasn't for this teacher I dread to think what Josh would be like now. She is an amazing lady and I'm gutted that Ellie will never get to have her as a class teacher. I am mortified that she's leaving.

This is the card I made for her.

The papers are by Hot Off the Press and the stamp is a Woodware.


Cheryl said...

oh this is a great card hun you are just like me when my 2 left school years ago now I know but I too cried buckets, so you are soppy just like me she will love this card love cheryl xxxxx

clare said...

aww..what great pic's of josh & ellie having they own little world...hun there's no need to eat yourself up about josh not wanting to take part in his school sports...but at least you tryed and it looks like him and ellie enjoyed themselfs taking him there every year..will prepare him for bigger events in high school..he needs to still be treated like any other normal child(sorry to use the word normal x)so i take my hay off to you hun xx

and i know what your going thou at the oldest jordan had his last day in primary school on friday..i didn't cry only he said he had a tear in his eye..on the last day..but he said nearly all of the girls were crying.its going to be a tough couple of months leading up to september for him..he's looking forwad to it but also very nerves also thinking of my purse strings..with all new kit,PE kit new shoes trainers...its never

anyway enough of sorry comment is so

love the card you the image and the colours and papers are yummy..TFS xx

hope all is well..and you all enjoy your time off together in the summer hols..and lets pray for some good weather..cause its not looking good here already.
hugs clare xx

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Aw! Sorry that you were praying for rain so that it would make things easier, but I would have to say those photos of Ellie and Josh? Looks totally worth it! I think it's the little moments!

I don't blame you for crying! I would have and will do the same thing! I get so emotional when it comes to the girls!

It's very sad that a teacher that you like very much is leaving! How wonderful though that she got to have a huge impact on Josh's life!

ScrapMomOf2 said...
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