Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Our Baby Puppy is Growing Up.

Our little puppy dog has started loosing his baby teeth! He's lost two so far and has another wobbly one. I feel really sorry for him as he just doesn't understand what is happening. He knows his mouth feels different but he can work out why. One of his fangs was really loose and wobbly before it finally came out yesterday and he was so subdued all day it must have been really bugging him. We were getting really worried about him as he wasn't chewing his toys and he hardly ate anything, he was just really not himself at all. Once it finally came out though he was straight back to his normal mischievous self!I was trying to get some up to date photos of Max and Ellie thought she'd come and help.
Not sure if she was a help or another distraction for him but I got a couple of photos of nice photos of the two of them before....
...Max found my camera strap!!!!!!! Lol!


Emma said...

Max is so cute...Ellie is lucky are you!! Bet you are having lots of fun with jealous! Hugs Emma.x

Dawn said...

hiya Fiona
Wow Max is growing so much!
Had a lovely phone call with your mum tonight. It was such a nice surprise.
Have a gorgeous award for you
Stop on by


Em said...

Fab photos - Ellie has such a gorgeous smile :)

bubblegum said...

Aww Max is so cute Fe and still cuddly looking. ;) :) Great pics of the children with him too - well done. :) :)

A HUGE, BIG THANK YOU to you Fe for my wonderful surprise of all those stamped images that arrived this morning. :) :) I was bowled over with them and with your generosity - tahnk you soooooo much :) :) :) :)


My Paper World said...

Such CUTE photos! xx

Chrissy said...

Great photos, Max is definately growing up. I see Ellie still idolises him :D

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Aw, poor sweet Max! The photos of him and Ellie are fantastic! The last one . . . priceless! What a silly pup!!